5 Important Off Page SEO Tips You Can’t Ignore

If you’ve spent any time at all studying the ever-changing world of search engine optimization (SEO) then you know just how important both on page and off page optimization factors are to getting the results you want.
The point of good SEO is to get to the top of the rankings and while the on page factors are more important than ever, if you want to get to the top of a competitive niche then you still need to understand how to handle the off page factors. Read on to learn how to do exactly that!
1) Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile
Ever since the April 2015 update that has been nicknamed “Mobile-geddon” having a mobile website is no longer just a plus – it’s an absolute necessity if you want to rank. Whether this is through having a responsive website that adapts naturally or simply having multiple mobile versions that can be uploaded depending on what device is being used, it doesn’t matter.
The simply fact is, you need to be mobile in some way, shape, or form.
2) Stay Away from Backlink Spamming
In the old days pre-Panda and pre-Penguin you could often get to the top of search engine rankings by simply creating massive amounts of keyword based backlinks from hundreds of crappy articles on crappy blogs.
Those days are long gone. Anything that even remotely smells of backlink spamming from buying links to producing them en mass will get your website slapped down the rankings. Avoid it like the plague.
3) Get High-Quality Contextual Backlinks
Don’t overshoot the other way, however. Getting some high-quality backlinks is still a huge part of proper off page SEO. You want keywords that are based around a brand or website name, and from a website that is an authority website either in your niche or in a related niche.
Even one or two of the right type of backlinks can jump you from page 10 to page 1 in many even competitive niches.
4) Get Local Businesses Ranked
If you’re applying off page SEO to a local business (whether your own or for clients) then it’s critical for you understand how important rankings are. Often times the order of local businesses on Google maps is very similar (if not the same) as the organic search results underneath. There is an SEO company located in Delaware that does a good job of this.
Many, many times the number of positive reviews determines the order. The highest one will be on top, the one of the fewest will be on the bottom, etc. Don’t ignore the SEO tips.
5) Have a Quality Social Media Presence
Social media is important. While the exact connection between social media and SEO is nebulous, there’s no question that having a strong presence on places like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ make a huge difference when it comes to ranking your website in the search engine.
Ignore the social world at your peril.
In Conclusion
While SEO is an ever-changing field, you need to follow these 5 important tips to make sure your off page SEO remains healthy!

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